For our latest community spotlight, we took a trip to Maryland Cannabis Physicians and sat down with its owner and head clinician, Dr. John Wah.

As a licensed and board-certified medical marijuana evaluation medical office, Maryland Cannabis Physicians performs medical cannabis evaluations by determining whether people are eligible for medical cannabis and then coming up with regimens to treat their medical problems. They’ve been open for six months now. Medical marijuana legislation has been in place for two years, but most medical dispensaries haven’t opened until recently.

Dr. Wah chose this profession because he believes it’s very important for people to have control over their health, and medical cannabis is one way they can. The gratitude that patients have when they come to his clinic is enough for him to overlook the whispers about the negative sides of cannabis or the perceived risks or problems associated with it. He specializes in treating patients who could use cannabis as an alternative treatment for many medical problems, including pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and cancer and all of its related symptoms.

As a business owner, Dr. Wah believes the whole idea of a mainstreet community fosters a great business.

“The whole idea of the mainstreet community is providing excellent service so your community doesn’t have to leave to get the care they need in all areas of their life,” he says. “You need to support your local businesses, so if everybody has that idea, you’re willing to pay a little bit more to support the people around you and, ultimately, have a successful business where you’re able to give back.”

Dr. Wah was born and raised in Westminster. He spent some time living in New York City before moving back and starting Maryland Cannabis Physicians. Outside of his business, John has a wife and two children, whom he cites them as the main reason he tries to improve himself and be successful. He also practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu and enjoys reading motivational books and autobiographies and watching documentaries.

Dr. Wah’s advice on treating your own health problems is to go back to the core, which means doing things that have the least amount of risk and can provide the most benefits. The most overlooked things regarding this are eating healthy, exercising, and educating yourself and proving yourself. If you need more than that, pick things that have the least amount of risk, such as physical therapy, behavioral therapy, acupuncture.

“It’s very important for people to have control over their health.”

According to Dr. Wah, pharmaceuticals can be very dangerous if not taken correctly, and even if they are taken correctly, they can cause bad side effects. With medical cannabis, there is no proven short-term or long-term complications.

In Dr. Wah’s opinion, the perceived risk of addiction or abuse has been blown out of proportion compared to what the reality is. During the 60’s and 70’s, the government and the media taught that cannabis was a gateway drug that would rot your brain, but it’s proven to be the opposite and now carries a different label: an exit drug. People are using cannabis to wean themselves off benzodiazepines, opiates, and alcohol. It’s also shown to be neuroprotective, meaning it helps preserve nerve function associated with certain neurological diseases.

Most importantly, medical cannabis gives people more control over their health. People that have been stuck in the medical field with frequent doctor visits, medication changes, and side effects can feel frustrated by those kinds of things, and they can’t just increase their medication without talking to their doctor. With medical cannabis, they’re able to change their dosage and how often they use it.

It’s important to note that Maryland Cannabis Physicians doesn’t actually dispense cannabis at their clinic. Their primary role is to make sure you’re eligible for medical cannabis and educate you on which forms, strains, and regimens would be most helpful to you. The growing, processing, and dispensing takes place at a separate facility.

There are over 100 dispensaries across Maryland, including one coming soon in Westminster. In the broader local area, there will be a handful of dispensaries available. Right now, there is a dispensary open in Frederick. However, medical cannabis won’t be available for the next few weeks because the cultivation process isn’t done yet. If you give Dr. Wah’s office a visit, though, you’ll be ready to go once more dispensaries open and more cannabis is available.

If have any more questions for Dr. Wah, you can give his office a call at (667) 367-2260 or visit their website at

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