We like to refer to Cultivated as a hidden gem inside a hidden gem—here’s why.


For our latest community spotlight, we stopped by the boutique called Cultivated and spoke with owner Tiombe Paige about what this great store has to offer.

Cultivated was created based on the idea that all of Tiombe’s shopping was done outside of where she lived. She was looking for modern, eclectic clothing, home decor, and gift items, but she couldn’t find them in the stores in our area. Rather than continuing to travel outside the county, she decided to bring the business here herself. At Cultivated here in downtown Westminster, you’ll find all kinds of unique apparel, decor, and gifts.

Tiombe is a big believer in keeping your money where you live and thinks that our location is a hidden gem in terms of its proximity to other major metropolitan areas. She’s been able to meet some amazing people over the last four years.

“I live by a motto of community over competition,” she says.

Additionally, Tiombe is very active in our community, and would love to see more local professionals open up businesses in downtown Westminster. When she first opened up four years ago, it was in a different location than her current store in the Winchester Exchange building (which is very close to our office).

“Tiombe is very active in our community, and would love to see more local professionals open up businesses in downtown Westminster.”

Her first store was so tiny that she knew she wouldn’t get any business from foot traffic, so all her marketing came from social media. She made the move to her current store about a year ago, and it has twice the square footage of her old store.

As mentioned above, Cultivated sells women’s clothing, home decor items, and specialty food items. In fact, anytime Nick needs a gift for his wife, he comes here first and asks Tiombe for help.

“If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we are connected to so many other businesses, and we can recommend. That’s probably one of the things I love the most. When people come in, we try to connect them with other small businesses, even if they’re not retail—restaurants and other.”

If you’d like to know more about Cultivated and what you can find there, here are some links you’ll find helpful:

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