Today, we’re here with Bill Valway, CEO of Absolute Perfection, to talk about what he does and what services his company provides.

Absolute Perfection is a multi-faceted business that started in 2001 doing window tinting on cars. He and his team quickly realized that there were other opportunities in the window film industry. They’ve since expanded to housing and office buildings, working heavily on energy conservation.

Additionally, they began working with commercial graphics. Bill found that this used a very similar skillset as far as the installation process goes. Now they do a lot of vehicle wrap advertising, having recently completed a large project for the Maryland Transit Administration where they wrapped over 400 buses.

“Digital marketing is a very large part of the growth of a business.”

Further still, Absolute Perfection has a digital marketing division which does website design and paid advertising on Google. “Digital marketing is a very large part of the growth of a business,” Bill says, “So we’ve been very blessed to have all those different components come together in one company.”

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